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Designers have a responsibility to resolve World problems, not contribute to them



We need to have different relationships with clothes,

true love affairs, not casual flings.

With the understanding designers have a responsibility towards creating sustainable futures, Mary Gwen only uses natural fabric. Mary Gwen is aware that many people are growing tired of high street uniformity and there is an increased awareness of the unsustainability of “throw-away fashion”, with a growing demand for well made, long lasting unique items. As Mary Gwen puts it “we need to change our relationship with clothes and have true love affairs, not casual flings”.


Mary Gwen has also discovered that people seek integral solutions and the line between fashion and interiors has become increasingly blurred. Therefore Mary Gwen products are organised thematically rather than seasonally in response.

The intrigue in heritage items is growing, largely thanks to consumer appetite for more meaningful narratives within fashion: demand for sustainable and ethical practices, respect for craftsmanship and a sense of place and belonging increasingly being discussed as Britain precariously leaves the EU.

Mary Gwen is enormously proud of the pleasing aesthetics associated with Welsh tapestry and attempts to utilise this wonderful fabric wherever possible, drawing parallels with the geometry and vibrant colour of Arabic design with the intention of promoting it on a global platform to support the values of cultural identity, peace and equality.

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