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Make it personal, create a cherished coat 


Taking traditional values and applying them in a contemporary context, this is not throw away fashion.

Here at Mary Gwen we understand that a cherished item is something made, owned and gifted with thought and love.


In Welsh culture tapestry bedspreads are traditionally gifted to love ones on special occasions such as milestone birthdays and weddings. They are cherished items that are passed down generations to become heirlooms. The quality of these items ensures their longevity. With this in mind, Mary Gwen brings a traditional concept to contemporary clothing: expertly crafted, custom made tapestry coats, intended to be cherished, made with love in Wales.


With greater awareness of the environmental impact of the fashion industry there is a demand for long lasting items that are not exploiting people or the environment. All Mary Gwen custom-made coats are made with natural fabrics. 


Snowdonia is a beautiful part of the world but depends largely on a tourist economy, leaving many without an income in the winter. Mary Gwen works with experienced professionals throughout the year to create local opportunity. 


Customisation options are available for shape, exquisite tapestry outer layers and sumptuous silk linings. Book a consultation with Mary Gwen to begin your ordering process. 

This is the creation of custom-made cherished items

for the future.

See and feel an array of sumptuous fabric options for your custom made order

Mary Gwen takes fashion's responsibility towards the environment seriously.

Mary Gwen takes fashion's responsibility towards the environment seriously. All items are made from natural fabrics. Coat exteriors are made from 100% wool tapestry, woven in Wales. Linings are made from 100% silk for added opulence and comfort.

Mary Gwen items are not made in factories but by hand in the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia, incorporating heritage crafts and applying contemporary thinking. Mary Gwen’s approach to manufacturing is more akin to a tailoring service than a retail manufacturer, an artist rather than a producer. Each item is made individually to order. 

Much like the Arts & Crafts movement and the work of William Morris, custom made coat designs are inspired by nature and skilled hand finished craft techniques. Organic forms are simplified to minimal curves, like those found in sculpture and Japanese fashion to create contemporary heritage, which Mary Gwen has named "Deconstructed Art Nouveau". 

Here at Mary Gwen we believe it is important to see and feel the sumptuous quality of the fabrics to help make an informed choice on the options available for your cherished coat. All items are made to order. 

Book an appointment with founder Mary Gwen to discuss the steps to create a beautiful cherished item and to receive a sample pack to help you choose from the array of options available for the creation of your coat.


Custom Made Options

snowdrop line.png

bolero jacket, perfect for spring and summer weddings or special occasions

meadow line.png

smart sleeveless gillet with two in-seam pockets, fabulous for layering

poppy line.png

cleverly curved to cover modesty and provide comfort, flattering sleeves and cute patch pockets

heather line.png

romantic mid length coat with practical patch pockets. Never has walking the dog or running errands been so glamorous

primrose line.png

playful mid length coat with a curved hemline, two patch pockets, an inner pocket with beautiful diamante button fastening, just like morning dew 

bluebell line.png

sumptuous full length coat to keep you warm and cosy, whilst maintaining the epitome of glamour

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